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sipub + SVG = true!

That cryptic title means: Stream Initiation using Publish Subscribe and Scalable Vector Graphics are living well together. That didn't made you any wiser, did it? The long story then.

Styled Chats

Using a HTML/CSS rendering machine for user interfaces seem popular these days as it gives extended ways for customization using style sheets. And many people are used to hack CSS files from the web which extends the group of possible contributors.

Subscription Process

The subscription process is notoriously problematic in XMPP. While doing extended support for multiple simultaneous subscriptions, I just noted that if I deny a subscription by sending "unsubscribed", that used to be all that was needed.

Spell Checking

Spell checkers have found their way from word processors, email clients, and now, to chat clients. Maybe this is a sign of chatting reaching the mainstream audience, I don't know. In any case there is now a first implementation of spell-as-you-type function in Coccinella using the ispell or aspell command line tools.

The Secret Gardens of DnD

The Drag and Drop (DnD) areas of an application is like the fields in a garden. Some areas, or widgets, can deliver something, acting as a drag source, like your potato field you have in your backyard (You say you don't have any?. Strange!), while other receive something, acting as a drop source. Some areas are both sources and targets. And you can't know which role a widget has until you have actually tested.


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