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I wish I could get the same license as 007 but that is not likely to happen. However, The Coccinella license was vaguely given as GPL before but is now more specifically given as GNU GPL version 3.


People developing applications typically use a native platform toolkit for GUI, or use a cross platform toolkit like gtk or Qt and normally don't create new widget types.

Auto away

A long standing missing part in Coccinella has been a real auto away feature that takes the system inactivity into account.

User Nickname

I just checked in code for User Nickname which I think is a very important protocol extension and a missing part of XMPP. Never really understood the name attribute of the roster item since that is not set by that user.

Custom Builds

Now and then I get requests for custom builds of the Coccinella which is dead simple. But first a few words about how Tcl/Tk applications can be distributed.


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