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Is my 0.96.2 install/config messed up? I cannot choose Black Theme (Black Skin not same as screenshot)

Enviroment: XP sp2, default xp theme
Running 0.95.16 and 0.96.2 from different folders with both set to:
[Store preferences in same folder as program]

To try and select the theme in 0.96.2 I do the following.

I am going to:

The page I get is as follows:

Appearance ----------------------

(x) Use tabbed interface

Chat windows: [Select Font...]

Theme: [ None \/ ]

Skin: [ XP Native \/ ]


When I click on the Theme dropdown I only get a single item list that is pre-checked which is [None]

I have tried setting the skin to black but that does not make it look like the screenshots for the black theme.


It should work. Try the Black theme in the skin dropdown list. I don't have Windows XP, but I tried the Windows build of Coccinella under Linux using Wine and it seems to work with the Black theme. I've no idea what can be the issue on your system.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

On XP SP2 The Theme dropdown list only has one item in it.
That item is called [NONE]
See below:

(Click to See Full Sized)

I tried your suggestion of setting the skin to black but it does not show up similar to your screenshot.


The one I See (Click to See Full Sized)

(Images are not masked correctly, window theme is different etc.)

I also saw the ugly toolbar buttons on Windows (this is not true on Linux and Mac OS X btw): I've no idea why this is like that, but I hope Mats can fix it B-)

So the differences between the 2 screenshots are:

  • I added a background image (right mouse button-->show): see the blog item for the source of this image
  • My screenshot was made under a default KUbuntu 7.04 (no changed window decoration widgets)
  • I changed the colours of KDE's window decoration from the blue theme to an included black theme
  • I selected the Google Talk roster icon style (see preferences dialog)
  • I use the roster style "Plain" (right mouse click-->Style)
  • The ladybug icon in the titlebar is not yet supported under Linux
  • I chose another avatar :-)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.