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Coccinella + Oxygen = Hot!

Main Coccinella window with Oxygen icon theme

Oxygen is one of the hot new features in the brand new KDE release. The good news is that you can make Coccinella fit very well into your new KDE 4.0 desktop, using the new Oxygen theme for Coccinella.

Adding Oxygen to Coccinella is like adding oxygen to fire: the outcome will be hot! Read on to learn how you can warm up your instant messaging experience.


  1. Download the Oxygen icon theme (0.1MB)
  2. Unpack the icon theme in the themes folder which you can find in Coccinella's preferences folder:
    • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application data\Coccinella\
    • Windows Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Coccinella\
    • Mac OS X: /Users/UserName/Library/Preferences/Coccinella/
    • Linux: /home/UserName/.coccinella/
    • Portable Coccinella, the folder CoccinellaPrefs in the same folder as the Cocccinella executable
  3. Download the Oxygen sound theme (0.6MB)
  4. Create a folder called sounds in Coccinella's preferences folder (see above)
  5. Unpack the sound theme in this new folder
  6. Start or restart Coccinella
  7. Go to File, then Preferences, then Sounds (under General), and then select the Oxygen sound set
  8. Go to Appearance (under Jabber) and select Oxygen as theme
  9. Restart Coccinella to feel the heat of Oxygen!

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Coccinella's whiteboard with Oxygen icon theme Coccinella's inbox with Oxygen icon theme


Look, there is a bug on the first screenshot! ;)

There is another bug in the top left corner of all screenshots ;-)