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Add AIM Contact

  1. To add an AIM contact, press the Contact button.
    Highlighted Add Contact button in contact list of Coccinella
  2. Select AIM as chat system.
    List of chat systems
  3. AIM Transport Registration

    These steps are only for when you have not yet entered your AIM account in Coccinella.
    1. Click on Yes.
    2. Enter your AIM screen name and password. Click on Register.
      Register AIM account to transport
    3. Click OK to close the notification.
      AIM registration was successful
    4. Click Yes to allow your current AIM contact(s) to see your presence.
      Subscription request from AIM contact
    5. Click OK to close the notification.
      Notification of presence subscription of AIM contact
  4. Enter as Contact ID the AIM screen name of your contact and click on Add.
    Add Contact dialog of Coccinella
  5. Normally, your contact wants to see your presence. You probably want to click on Yes.
    Subscription request of your AIM contact
  6. When your contact allows you to see his/her presence, you will be notified. Click OK to close this notification.
    Notification window of single presence subscription
  7. Your contact is added.
    Your contact is added to your list