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Three important (for me) questions

Good afternoon :-)
1) I have a problem with subscription "From + Pending out" I think - I have 3 contacts under line where is a white guestion mark in the red field: by the two of these contacts I can see their status (in spite of report that they may see my status but I don´t see their ). The THIRD contact has tried to authorize me many times but I never see his status - where is deficiency?

2) Writting message first I can never see my own message - can I find it somewhere?

3) The field History (by any contact) I have always empty - how to correct it please?

Thank you very much for answers!


1) Try to right-mouse-button click each of these contacts. Select Edit Contact... In the edit contact dialog you normally will have a checkbox option to request presence subscription. Enable that and save the settings. Then you will have to wait until your contact accepts your request to see his/her presence information. In that dialog you also can see the state of the presence subscriptions. Maybe you also can try to remove and re-add the contact if nothing works? What Jabber server are you using? Are you using a transport for these contacts? If so, which transport? I've never seen this strange behaviour, so the more information, the better for discovering what's going wrong.

2) No, you are right. That's a feature lack. Only your own chat messages are stored. Your own "normal" messages (email style) are not yet stored. TODO

3) History is only for chat sessions; not for email style messages. Also a feature lack. TODO

Thank you very much for your feedback! ;-)

Oh, your patience with my questions is wonderfull, thank you Sander :-)
So, I have tried right-mouse-button click according to your advice many times before... In the dialog I read that I don´t see status of contact but it may see me - I have two contact where I can read this report: they are called "Bětka Tibet" and "D4X". It sounds rather strange since I can see status of contact D4X - see screen
Contact "Bětka Tibet" is very important for me but I am not able to make it visible... and she answered she had authorized me many times, too.
P.S.: it is intresting view of my FIVE icq transports, isn´t it? And this time I am at home i.e. I am not behind proxy like at work...

I use the Czech jabber server (you wrote me the adress for his HTTP polling not long ago...). I have registered ICQ transport by way of red traced process on my screen

and after all I identified that the "ICQ transport" exist there - the last item on the previous screen - please, is there a difference between this two kinds of transport? Between the ICQ trasport and (my) ?
Couldn´t my problem descend from this place?

P.S.: I am afraid of deleting of contact somewhat... what if I will not be able to add it again?

I reported this to Mats, but can you look up this for all your ICQ contacts?: look in the business card of each contact, general tab, and then the contact ID field...are all ending with ""? Or are there some with another ending? The latter may explain some things...

I made sure that ALL my contacts has ID in the form of "ICQ"
A small note - only contact "D4X" has an additional item "Client" in his vCard and there is written there: JIT - Jabber ICQ Transport, OS: Linux 2.4.28-bf2.4
Why only one contact has this item? Isn´t it therefore that just this contact may use Linux and others Windows?

It may be fixed in cvs: Try tomorrow's daily build to see if it's fixed.

I am sorry but not to able to run doday´s breakfast of Coccinella due to report "Error in TclKit"

Should be fixed now.