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Subscription of pending contacts

Using the today´s breakfast launching of Coccinella and changing my status however only one transport continues at my klient - very good work :-))
It works much more slowly and doesn´t remember URL of HTTP polling though but it doesn´t matter! It works good and this is most important.
Now I need to resolve my problems with subscriptions: I have only four contacts. One of them was visible for me since the start of Coccinella - I don´t know how it happens... The second contact I can finally see after many trials and errors: she (using klient QIP having known problems with subscriptions... ) tried to decline me for the first and by return she submit autorization of me - and then, behold! We can see one another.
The two other my contacts wrote me that they can see me but I dont see them - they are in the group of Pending contact. But, it is funny-looking, I CAN see them!! But only using PC klient, not at the mobile IM client "Bombus" - they look always not authorized there :-(
And other important question - how to add a new ICQ contact having some contacts already in my roster. I have some problem: I have filled my ICQ number and password and wishing to register (it ask me to do it) - after attempt to registration I had this report: Your UIN is used by somebody else. Dual login. Reconnect disabled.


Many questions; some comments:

HTTP polling is rescheduled dynamically between 4 and 16 secs so it can take max 16 secs before you get anything from the server.
If you right click a contact and select "Edit Contact" or something, you get a dialog which shows your current presence subscriptions (none | from | to | both) but in words. You can resubscribe a user from here if you want. At least it tells you how presence between two contacts is handled by the server.
If you have already added contact information for a foreign transport, like MSN or ICQ, this user is you as seen from these systems. If someone else, or yourself, tries to use the ID to login elsewhere, it will get complaints like "Your UIN is used by somebody else. Dual login. Reconnect disabled.". These systems allow only a single connection.

Hope this helps...

Hum, after right clicking on a contact I can see only this: and I don´t practically know where to change authorization of this contact.
It is written here that I cannot see his status but it is not true: and this is my great problem because I can see this contact on PC klient but not on mobile client (Bombus) therefore I want to bring these contacts (from group Contact pending) to online or offline contact but it´s very difficult according to my own experience
Maybe I will register another ICQ number and will to try adding of new ICQ contact...