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duplicate transports

I've noticed that transports are sometimes duplicated. I am now looking two icq transports, a and a (). The second is logged on.

I imagine there should only be one.



Oh, it´s nothing :-)), often I have FIVE transports having only 4 contacts... Three of the contacts I can see but the one - I have never known his real status :-(
For example this time I can see two transports online, one is away and one is away for long...
P.S.: Having server aren´t you from Czech rep. as me?

"Having server aren´t you from Czech rep. as me?"

Naw, it's just one of the most reliable servers I've tried (although its Yahoo transport drops out every once in a while --I gather this is transport specific). This server also has a variety of transports, which also influenced my choice.

At somepoint over the years and after experiencing unstable behaviour, I learned that this STABLE server in question runs Gnu-Linux.

I'm not willing to try jabber servers running on Windows because of my bad past experiences with jabber servers, which --given the pervasiveness of Windows-- undoubtedly ran on Windows.

What a rant!

Should be fixed in cvs...marked as duplicate.

Well, I downloaded breakfast version " 05-Mar-2008 13:50 6.9M" and I can see "Error in TclKit" over and over... :-(
I have Win2000 Proffessional at work and WinXP Home at home and both the PC show me this error.
I tried to study how to manage the CVS version but I am unable to make head or tail of it... it´s closed book for me, you know

Are you really sure you were running that version? There indeed was a problem in older versions (before 05-Mar-2008 13:50), but this is fixed since 05-Mar-2008 13:50. I tried myself under Wine (I only have Mac OS X and Linux here, no Windows), and I asked someone else to try under Windows XP and he succeeded...

So half an hour before I downloaded the latest Windows version of breakfast and - "Error in TclKit"...
Now I try a very old version 0.96.2 and still I have only ONE transport (online) !! Having used the latest version 0.96.5 I saw 10 transports ( today - it increase in the course of time I have running Coccinella...
So it seems to be on the contrary you write up, misunderstand...

Or rather, multiplicated ICQ transport. I'm testing what is current cvs on Mac using the server with transport and I see only one transport. Before, with the bug, it got one more each time I changed my presence. But now it looks OK. Exactly, under what circumstances do you get multiple transports, and exactly what transport JID?

I have run this morning´s 06-Mar-2008 05:48 6.9M - first I have only one icq transport. I tried to change my own status along this way:
Then I tried to change my status backward to online - it is impossible... :
[URL=][IMG]http://img266... so I had to loggin again. And now I have two transports even though I deregistered this ( transport - it reveals again and I donť know how to get it off consecutively.
Then I tried to add a ICQ contact removed yesterday in the evening. I have filled my ICQ number and password and wishing to register - after attempt to registration I had this report: Your UIN is used by somebody else. Dual login. Reconnect disabled. One note: when adding ICQ contact I can see this window: [URL=][IMG]http://img266.... - doesn´t it matter which ICQ I select?
I tried to add a ICQ contact similarly as it is on video with adding of MSN contact: I have seen this contact "disconnected" for a second and then it jumped down to pending contact.
Please, how to add a new ICQ contact having registered icq transport yet? I don´t want a dual registration of transport how it only offers me...
And one more thing I don´t know: which item tu select during registration of a new ICQ number - or along this screen: [URL=][IMG]http://i...
I have often seen duplicate transports when any my contact had changed his status, I think. Always I use the transport as you can see on my screen. transport I used this day for the first time and by my mistake...

I have! After any change of my status a new additional transport appears so it looks like a catalog of my status´changes...
Trying the same at version 9.6.2 no problem!! Changin my status many times I have seen only ONE transport, beautiful :-) This version doesn´t include Czech language but working the best I will stick to it maybe...
I managed to add my important kontakt ("Bětka Tibet") to my roster after all !!! She wrote me she had subscribed me and promptly unsubscribe me - and I see her status latterly, hurrah !!! But I need to ask: how to manage to UNSUBSCRIBE a contact? It isn´t the same like remove, is it? She wrote the word "decline" and Coccinella wrote "unsubscribe" - please, is it the same??
Good night for the present :-))

This version doesn´t include Czech language but working the best I will stick to it maybe...

Better to fix the bug of course.

But I need to ask: how to manage to UNSUBSCRIBE a contact? It isn´t the same like remove, is it?

It's not the same indeed. When you remove the contact, the contact will be removed from your list and will thus also get unsubscribed from your presence updates. When you only unsubscribe a contact, he/she will stay in your list, but he/she will not receive your presence updates. Removing can be done using the right-mouse click context menu. To unsubscribe you need to open the Edit Contact... dialog (using the same context menu). Check the option Remove presence subscription and click on Save. Note that on the line under the checkbox option you can read in human language the actual behaviour.

She wrote the word "decline" and Coccinella wrote "unsubscribe" - please, is it the same??

I don't know which client she uses, but I remember that some clients use the wording "decline" to refuse presence subscription requests. In Coccinella we simply call this "May contact@somewhere see your presence?-->yes/no" So, this is not the same as unsubscribe.