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russian roster and localization

Hi, the thing is that Russian localization is really louzy. i run coccinella under Mac and all I can see is random wierd symbols instead of cyrilic letters in most dialogs.
see screenshot: Free Image Hosting at

it shows correct names only in a Chat dialog.

Anyway, i was not able to see Russian not while installing it, nor while using it. this is a big issue occured probably while porting the program to mac. currently the software is unusable.

any ideas how to fix that? may be there is a way to alter showing the names in roster to displaying the JIDs?


just got .6 version installed instead of .4 (please fix the default download for Mac) where this issue is fixed.


Will be done soon, that version is not yet officially released ;-)

Yes, ATSUI is the name of Apples text rendering machine which is one of the side effects of upgrading to Tcl/Tk 8.5 I happened to test it with yestarday for the first time to see that all characters I don't know shows up, at least it looks like that.

Beware of that this release hasn't undergone a lot of testing with the new Tcl/Tk 8.5 runtime and some packages are missing or are not working as expected. There should be a note about this on the download page.