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Dev blog

This is my first attempt to create some kind of very informal development blog that contains what has been added to cvs recently, or discusses other issues like bugs or future strategies.

Last week I stumbled over some kind of client verification procedure that is being worked on, and which will be launched the 1st of July I think. Besides the two XMPP RFCs, only disco and caps are required. I can understand that since they work closely together and since the combination disco/cap very much helps to get the bandwidth down. Disco was already there but caps required some more work. About a week ago I also saw a CAP 1.3pr2 I think, which explained a great more than the original one, which didn't say much, and I had to guess mostly. This separates the disco features into basic and ext groups which seems reasonable. This has now been implemented and I also added a kind of auto disco feature that automatically gets all users features if doesn't have them already. To reduce traffic I also added a file cache for this info. All is now running at the lib level, but nothing from app level since I don't have a "disco burst". There are still more things to think of while moving this to app level.

More info to come...