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menu font

I want to change the menu font .I tried to change the menu font in different ways but i failed to do that . is there any way to do that ?


What do you mean with "menu"?

I am sorry that i did not clearly explain about menu . Infact , i want to add bangla language support for coccinella . As a result , i tried to change the font . I already changed icons into bangla . I also add a bangla language file like other languages . And when i changed default english to bangla
language then all worked fine but menubar item (for example file,action,info) in bangla looks very small . Now , i want to know how can i change this menu items font . I want to use my own bangla font for coccinella .
Thank you .

You'll need to encode the language file as unicode. Can you contribute the file? Then Mats can fix the encoding if wrong.

I am facing the same problem. The bengali characters in xp's default system font are very small. So the menu headings (File|Action|Info) are rendered to small to read. So I would like to change the font for the menu headings. I tried several ways to change it. Whatever i change, its reflected in everywhere but not in the menu heading(File|Action|Info). Only these three strings are causing problems. So I am looking for a way to change the font of the menu headings. Can anyone help?
thanx in advance.

Ok, I added a bug entry to the bug tracker: Bug 251552: Menu font too small on Bangla Windows XP system.

Nope, i dont think it is a bug of coccinella. Its totally an xp thing. I just want to change the font. suppose i want to change the whole GUI to show in 'Comic Sans' or "Monotype Corsiva" (or some other font family); what can I do?