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UI overpopulation

As a client is being developed it can be difficult to figure out beforehand what it will eventually look like. I used to have a strategy to put almost all new menu entries in the "Jabber" menu, which clearly created a total mess after a while.

The number of entries in each of the menus (File Jabber Info) was (6 18 8) (Mac) which indicates this unbalance. After a major reorganization, and a name change for Jabber to Action, the numbers are now (11 13 9), a much better balance. As a side effect, the menu entries are now much better organized since all entries that in some sense represent common actions, or starts some kind of interaction, are placed in the...Actions menu :-) While entries that mainly does something for yourself without initiating any communication, are placed in the File menu. The Info menu then contains things that are perhaps less common, or that does something with the UI. Maybe a better name than Info can be found.