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Design Great Software with Coccinella

Ok, I admit this must be one of the laziest blog articles I ever wrote. It only consists of 5 parts:

  1. First, one big quote from an outstanding article:

    "Design is high-bandwidth, the Net is low-bandwidth.
    Volunteer software projects are usually highly distributed, with contributors in different cities or even different continents. So project communications are mostly plain text, in e-mail, instant messaging, IRC, or a bug tracking system. But interaction design is multi-dimensional, involving the layout and behavior of elements over time, and the organization of those elements in an overall interface.

    When developers are in the same room, they can discuss interaction design using whiteboards, paper prototypes, spoken words, and gestures. But on the Internet, these often aren’t available, making discussions much slower and prone to misunderstandings.

    Solutions: Develop and promote VoIP, video chat, virtual whiteboard, sketching, and animation software that allows easier communication of design ideas over the Internet. And whenever possible, hold physical meetings for developers to collaborate in person."

  2. Followed by two related screenshots of Coccinella:
    Adium setup assistant with geeky service selection Make a call dialog (VoIP)
  3. Plus, a related link:
    Collaborative Whiteboard Tutorial
  4. Then, a smaller quote from Matthew Paul Thomas's article:

    "Often these teams don’t communicate with each other frequently. And unlike their proprietary competitors, they nearly all have different release cycles. This makes usability improvements difficult and slow to implement, if those improvements involve coordinating changes across multiple parts of the system."

  5. And finally, two links related to the small quote:
    Economic clustering and Free Software release coordination
    The Blessings of Synchronized Releases