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Design Great Software with Coccinella

Ok, I admit this must be one of the laziest blog articles I ever wrote. It only consists of 5 parts:

Coccinella The Movie

Facebook Going XMPP - Never Support Walled Gardens

It was announced yesterday that Facebook Chat is soon going to use the open standards XMPP. This means that in the near future you will be able to use Coccinella and any other XMPP client to connect to Facebook Chat. We don't even have to provide you with a new Coccinella release, thanks to the merits of open standards.

A Fool's Guide to Bypass Openfire's Client Control

Today the Openfire Team announced the open sourcing of the Client Control module for Openfire. This module promises it "allows to specify which XMPP clients are allowed to connect to the server".

In this guide I will give you instructions about how you can bypass this restriction and always use Coccinella. Don't be afraid that this tutorial will be too difficult for you! Thanks to Coccinella's flexible branding features, even a child can do this. No, you don't have to recompile Coccinella or apply some difficult hacks. It's only a matter of adding 1 small line to Coccinella's preferences file and then restarting Coccinella! Read further to see how easy it is to bypass OpenFire's Client Control module.

Coccinella pretending to be Psi

Choose Your Hosting Service the Harvard Way

Update: VistaPages has been sold to Millennium Data Systems (HostMDS).

From Evil to Hell

Evil Chucky doll
Credit: luisvilla, License: by

Less than a fortnight ago, I wrote about evil. This week, I write about hell and how Harvard's insights will help you to avoid a customer hell.

But first I want to add to last week's evil story that I was informed by a reliable source that 'Google would have preferred XMPP Federation, but that AOL was only willing to agree to a multiprotocol approach'.

This is no traditional review. Information is made as generally applicable as possible so that you can perfectly read this review without having any interest in a VistaPages review or whatever web host review. Hence, you may call this a 'tutorial review' or whatever you prefer.


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