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200GB of MySQL Errors

This evening, our current hoster did a great job by fixing the Coccinella website in about 30 minutes. It came out there were a few MySQL errors caused by Drupal's cache...only 200GB of errors! :-D Luckily, Florian is a nice hoster; our previous cheap hosting service provider would surely had suspended our account.

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Choose Your Hosting Service the Harvard Way

Update: VistaPages has been sold to Millennium Data Systems (HostMDS).

From Evil to Hell

Evil Chucky doll
Credit: luisvilla, License: by

Less than a fortnight ago, I wrote about evil. This week, I write about hell and how Harvard's insights will help you to avoid a customer hell.

But first I want to add to last week's evil story that I was informed by a reliable source that 'Google would have preferred XMPP Federation, but that AOL was only willing to agree to a multiprotocol approach'.

This is no traditional review. Information is made as generally applicable as possible so that you can perfectly read this review without having any interest in a VistaPages review or whatever web host review. Hence, you may call this a 'tutorial review' or whatever you prefer.

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