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segmentation fault Slackware


First of all, I want to congratulate developers for the project.

I tried it on Windows, but want to use it in Linux Slackware 12.x.

When I try to run the bin file, it starts with a graphical image, goes through a number of phases and when on 'Initializing' fails with a Segmentation fault message.

$ ./Coccinella-0.96.10.bin -debugLevel 4
Segmentation fault

What (and how) should I look for to correct this error?



Can you try to run the source version?

I'd like to, but how can I do it?

There is a comment on the download page with instructions. You need to have the Tcl/Tk package of your distribution (Slackware) installed to run from source.

I've installed two packages:
from and could start Coccinella from source. It works.

But when I try it from the bin version, it returns the same Segmentation Fault problem as before. Debug gives no clue on the problem. Possibly any tcl or tk library not yet installed?

Thank you,


The binary distribution of Coccinella contains a stripped down version of Tcl/Tk, but this does not seems work on your computer because of system differences. Unfortunately there is no 100% compatible standard that makes binaries can run on all Linux distributions.

Try setting executable permission on the Coccinella binary. It helped me on Debian.