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How do I start using Coccinella?

This is a very simple question - but I am surprised this website doesn't have more related information.

How do I start using Coccinella?

I downloaded the latest (0.96.14) version (not the source file, but the other file). I extracted it and saw a folder. Inside the folder were lots of "readme" files and only 1 "bin" file. I couldn't find anything stating "run" or "exe" so I assumed the "bin" file was what I needed.

I right clicked, then selected "open". I received the message "Could not display "/home......" Then: "The file is of an unknown type."

What should I do?

/ gnome
// doing this inside virtualbox guest OS ubuntu 9.04, would that matter?


It seems Ubuntu tries to open the file instead of executing it. You can open a terminal window and execute the binary ("cd $HOME/path/to/Coccinella/folder/" and "./Co".

Also, you can download the third party Ubuntu package:


I lost my password so I couldn't login for a couple of weeks!

Regardless, it appears there are 2 ways to install this based upon your reply:

a) execute binary via terminal
b) 3rd party ubuntu package:

I opted for method "b" because it looked easier, but the link seemed to go to a dead end. This is the message:

" The page you requested was not found. Redirecting to the home page in 5 seconds. We no longer provide updates for applications prior to Ubuntu 9.04, you still can get packages from our legacy website . "

However, I poked around the "legacy website" and did find Coccinella. I eventually found it at this link (I am using Ubuntu 9.04):

I noticed it has "old" in the url. Is it safe to use it? If yes, then how would I "add it"? I've never done this before.

Or, should I try method "a"? I've never done that either.

I really appreciate your help.


If you click on "download" on that page, you will get a dialog in Firefox with the option "open with Gdebi" selected. Keep this selected and proceed. Wait until the download is finished and install the binary in Gdebi (this will automatically open).


Got it installed. Thanks for the help.

Can I use coccinella as a softphone client? Based upon what I read on this website, I can. However, I sometimes misunderstand these things, so I wanted to double check.

If I have a friend overseas and we both install coccinella, then could we talk free of charge (pc to pc)?

If yes, then would we need to create any accounts, etc?

Sorry for the n00b questions; I've never used VOIP.

Thank you again.

Yes, but unfortunately you'll both need Coccinella 0.96.14 or higher because the STUN server used by previous versions is not online anymore.

I use a local package source :

Create a directory ~/myPackages/

Download libstdc++5 from
and store it in myPackages/

Install dpkg-dev

In a terminal
~$ dpkg-scanpackages myPackages/ /dev/null > myPackages/Packages

Add a package source
deb file:///home/USERNAME myPackages/
and update package sources.

Now you should be able to install libstdc++5 .

The Linux binary of Coccinella 0.96.16 does not depend on libstdc++5 anymore.