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Separating out the Whiteboard?

I came across Coccinella last year while researching open-source alternatives for an interactive presentation system using the Wiimote. Coccinella has perhaps the most complete feature set of all the whiteboards I looked at.

For my classroom, however, and I suspect for a lot of other people, the interconnectivity/jabber part is completely unnecessary. (I do understand that this functionality is key to what Coccinella is.)

My question is: what would it take to separate out just the whiteboard components and make a leaner, faster classroom presentation app (as a separate but related project)?


Initially, Coccinella was a whiteboard-only application. So this shouldn't be mission impossible. However, I am not sure it will be beneficent to drop all other features. For instance, the other features can make it easier for sick pupils/students to keep up to date at home (voice, chat, presence, file transfer,...). Also, in countries like Australia it may be interesting to teach students in remote places. IMO, it would be much better to improve the interface, e.g. by adding a pointer tool.