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Coccinella web sites past and present

The new web site looks great :-)

Google search for Coccinella refers to which redirects to and this is OK now … but a few minutes ago, the first two or three redirects presented binary garbage, no legible content. I guess it was a one/two/three-off issue but I thought I'd mention this, just in case others have the same issue.


Regarding Google, I think that is just a matter of Google updating its page rankings. And I hope it will be solved automatically.

Regarding the second, I had the same issue sometimes, but as nobody else had the same problem I thought it had to do with the proxy I must use to access the Internet. But, it seems I'm not alone with that :s

Can you provide some more details? Like brower(s) you used? Can you reproduce it? What URL (with or without www., and or Do you use a proxy? Other things?

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

A Google search for Drupal +binary +garbage +proxy led me to apache and drupal both compressing pages in which garbage is discussed.

When I saw the garbage I was connected (wired) to the campus LAN at University of Sussex. For the campus Wi-Fi LAN an proxy autoconfiguration file is required. The same configuration tends to work (but is not required) on the wired LAN; transparent proxying is effective.

If you'd like more clues re: the proxies etc., send me an e-mail, I'll do what I can. Good luck :)

Maybe the issue had something to do with proxies as I see you're also using a proxy. Before the website was officially launched I had some DNS and cPanel troubles when adding the second domain Maybe this resulted in some cache issues on some proxy servers. Can you tell me if you still have this problem using that proxy after a week or so? Thx in advance.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

The issue should be fixed now thanks to the great support of my hoster (they only can improve their service by adopting Jabber for their chat support ;-) ).

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

Just for historical reasons: the issue was not finally fixed until we switched to our new hoster. Both the domain and the garbage issues reappeared sporadically. The causes of both issues are still unknown to us; no details were provided by our previous hoster. Anyway, after we switched to another hosting company the issues were fixed finally. More details will follow.