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Serious Bug related to QuickTime (mac)


Today I started coccinella 0.96.0 (mac) (while playing iTunes) and it hang up while in the load-up panel with a 'click'. I had to kill it as it did not react anymore. After the 'click' the sound in iTunes was initially away, while the song still was playing. Pressed Stop and Start in iTunes and the sound was back. But now, Quicktime is soundless. After reboot still soundless. Updated Quicktime, still soundless. Restarting and quitting coccinella (now it didn't hang up) does not help either.

Seems that coccinella messed up some QuickTime preference file. Is this possible? Possibly someone from the developer team exactly knows how to fix QuickTime.

I would like to report this issue in the Bug tracker, but I don't know where the logfiles are. So can someone help out?



By the way, coccinella will shut up iTunes at every start-up. This can be fixed by stopping and starting the song, but I would consider this as a bug, too.

The things you report are all known by Mats (coder) because I (no coder) reported them already. It works for Mats on his old Powerbook. He thinks it has something to do with the libraries supplied with Coccinella in combination with the new Intel architecture AFAIR. Maybe something related to Roseta?

Anyway, it is probably just a matter of time until this issue is solved, and all depends on Apple...Mats said he would buy a new Macbook when Apple releases Leopard. Leopard because then he also can run Windows Vista to test Coccinella on this platform too.

To conclude, I'm afraid you have to wait some more time until Mats has his new Macbook. Or you can try to contribute a patch if you are able to do that (I would welcome this ;-) ).

Regarding the bug tracker. For now you can post your bug reports in this forum, but I hope we can finalise the ongoing switch to Launchpad. B-)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

Sander, Thanks for the reply.

Do you also experience the problem with QickTime? Apparently, on my computer now certain files are played with no sound. (I have tried various video files and many come with sound, some without, depending on the encoding.) For example the keynote by Steve Jobs (published on the apple website, there is a link from at the bottom) is muted. That stream has H.264 encoding. Could you please test?

Best, Peter

I don't know about the Quicktime issue. Also I cannot try this in the near feature because my ISP limits my traffic and I need to be economic with what I download and upload the next week, otherwise I will be on an *extremely* slow smallband connection for some time. :-(

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

I added an entry to Coccinella's new bug tracker:

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

Fixed in latest version