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I've just installed Coccinella on Ubuntu 7.10. It's great! Except for the fact that I don't seem to have any notifications sounds etc. I'm running KDE (installed as an add-on to Ubuntu, rather than a baremetal Kubuntu), and followed the instructions for installing the Oxygen theme, including the sound theme. However, when I look at the Coccinella prefs, I don't see the Sound entry under "General" and so cannot edit the sound prefs. Is this something that's currently not implemented in the Linux version, or am I missing some kind of dependancy?




I also have this problem and at least someone else too. See:

Sometimes the sounds page in the preferences disappears for an unknown reason. Maybe you can help with finding how to reproduce this bug? I did some testing but I couldn't found much (see bug report). Knowing what exactly triggers the bug, can help Mats to fix the bug ;-)


Ok, so I have libsnack2 installed on my Ubuntu box. I am, of course, using ALSA as the sound architecture and this seems to work well will all my other audio applications.

I found the option for using the snack plugin for the whiteboard, checked it, and restarted coccinella. However, on restart, it appears the the snack plugin option was still unchecked. I tried a couple of times just in case, but this seems repeatable. I wonder if coccinella will uncheck this if it doesn't find the snack library? Is there any way I can get more debug output? Currently, I get absolutely nothing on stdout/err if I run the binary from the command line.

I'm afraid I've no experience with TCL (only C/++, Python, and Perl), so I'm going to need a little leading for debug etc......



PS Sound page still missing from the Preferences. Interesting comment about it disappearing - but for me it was never there in the first place :-S


Ok, so the CVS version run as a tcl script appears to have the sound there. Wonder if something got left out during compilation of the release version?


Did you also tried the source version of

Try to start from console using the parameter "-debugLevel 4". There also is a debug window in the info menu, but you probably don't need this as you can see the debug output on the console window.

Audio on Windows and linux uses the snack package:
No idea why it wont load. Note that linux are living with several audio systems, and perhaps the one in ubuntu isn't compatible with the one snack is using?

This is a little off the subject, but is there a way to change the sounds played for various operations? I have a difficult time hearing the incoming chat line sound.


I found where the sound control is. It's not in preferences, but under a right click on the contact called contact action.

You can create your own sound theme. Read README-sounds and README-themes or just adapt the Oxygen sound theme I made some weeks ago.