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Coccinella development

Buggy gTalk Server

Many odd things are going on with Google's gTalk server at One odd thing is that I get presence stanzas pushed to me by the server with my own full JID as the from attribute, at regular (?) times.

Another issue is that I am not allowed to send normal messages to myself, at least if I specify my bare JID as the to attribute according to the XMPP standards. However, if I set my full JID as the address, it gets delivered OK.

Coming Soon — Coccinella in Black

Black is Beautiful
Mats Bengtsson
Florian Jensen (black theme idea)
ladymorgana (black beauty)
Release Date:
19 September 2007
Instant Messaging / Whiteboard /
Communication / Collaboration
Protecting the earth from the ugly interfaces
Won Grand Prize in 2004
New Theme / New Features / Bug Fixes / New Bugs
Preceded by:
Nearly eight years of development
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D'artagnan Speaks

Now and then there have been a lot of discussions about the JID Escaping XEP and I have contributed myself since I found it problematic that a user may enter a JID where its parts cannot be uniquely identified, and therefore is invalid from a users perspective.

Stream Compression

While implementing stream compression I noted it says that "Negotiation of stream compression SHOULD be completed before authentication via SASL". This is also the way ejabberd 1.1.2 and OpenFire 3.3.2 works.

PEP revisted

Sander brought my attention to a project by Armando Jagucki to produce a PEP server component for OpenFire and his recent advances. Since there is a test server at I wasn't late to test it.


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