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Coccinella development

UI overpopulation

As a client is being developed it can be difficult to figure out beforehand what it will eventually look like. I used to have a strategy to put almost all new menu entries in the "Jabber" menu, which clearly created a total mess after a while.

JID Escaping

While I was implementing JID Escaping I came across an inconsistency. It is easy to see that it wont work as a 1-to-1 mapping for general JIDs since the presence of the "@" and "/" characters to be esacped makes it impossible to uniquely decompose a JID into its node+domain+resource constituents.

User Activity

With User Activity I don't mean my own activity (low) but the XEP-0108. This is one in a line of XEP's that relies on the PEP XEP. Since it relies on PEP it is normally an easy task to implement the client side of it. Now in Coccinella cvs.


I wish I could get the same license as 007 but that is not likely to happen. However, The Coccinella license was vaguely given as GPL before but is now more specifically given as GNU GPL version 3.


People developing applications typically use a native platform toolkit for GUI, or use a cross platform toolkit like gtk or Qt and normally don't create new widget types.


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