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Coccinella development

Linux Fonts

Since I have had several requests on improving the appearance on Linux by using the typical desktop fonts, I started investigating it. I thought it should be a simple task by just switching the default fonts, but was not.

Google Buys Swedish

For the second time in a short period of time Google is buying a Swedish company. This time it is Marratech which makes video conference solutions, see NyTeknik (Swedish, sorry).

It is therefore likely that we will see gtalk expanded with video, which is an educated guess. Well, one small step for mankind, one giant leap for XMPP.

Roster benchmarking revisited

I was not able to leave the roster benchmarking before I was confident it could handle large rosters. Testing code in a reliable manner can be more difficult than actually producing the code itself but I found a method.

Windows Vista

The advent of Windows Vista has caused a lot of headaches around the developer community. The Coccinella is no exception.

Benchmarking the Roster

In my previous post I mentioned degraded performance when using Treectrl's own tag mechanism instead of keeping an external array. Since the roster widget is the most time critical one, perhaps next to the disco tree, I had worries about this.


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