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Design Great Software with Coccinella

Ok, I admit this must be one of the laziest blog articles I ever wrote. It only consists of 5 parts:

Sprichst du Deutsch? ¿Hablas español?

Screencasts are fun, especially when they feature Coccinella! ;-) That's why we like to share 2 screencast reviews: a German spoken one first, and secondly a Spanish one.

Synchronized Releases in Practice

After reading The Blessings of Synchronized Releases, you probably wonder how we practically organize synchronized releases at the Coccinella project. In this article I will give you some insight into our release process.

Synchronized flying geese

Credit: Greg7, License: by-nc

The Blessings of Synchronized Releases

People believe the idea of synchronized jumping to releases originates from Mark Shuttleworth.
People are wrong!

Synchronized jumping dogs
Credit: Xanboozled, License: by-nc-sa

Coccinella The Movie


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