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Multiple Accounts Support

Regularly, people like you ask us why Coccinella does not support multiple accounts. Or they ask if support could be added. We always have to disappoint them. Coccinella does not support multiple accounts and it is very unlikely Coccinella will ever support multiple accounts.

In order of importance, these are the reasons why:

Your art contributions are welcome

some of Néstor's work

As you can see above, Néstor Díaz did a great job with creating nice Coccinella art. However, he has no time these days whilst the Coccinella experience still could be improved by more art contributions. So, do not hesitate to contact us or to add a comment if you are interested in contributing art!

PS: of course other contributions are welcome as well ;-)

Coccinella translations

This morning Mats sent the following email to translators:

The Silence of the Comments

You may wonder why none of the questions in the Coccinella forum were answered. You may also question yourself why no comments has been made to blog posts. Is the Coccinella project really so silent? No, the reason is simple: comments were just not visible for anonymous users.

When I was IM'ing with someone this morning, I gave him a link to a comment with a possible workaround for his problem. He said he couldn't see the workaround. Ooops! It came out I forgot to give anonymous users access to comments. My mistake.

Why Transports Matter

This is an open letter to all people related to the content of this article. So, you better read everything to see if that includes you ;-)


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