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Coming Soon — Coccinella in Black

Black is Beautiful
Mats Bengtsson
Florian Jensen (black theme idea)
ladymorgana (black beauty)
Release Date:
19 September 2007
Instant Messaging / Whiteboard /
Communication / Collaboration
Protecting the earth from the ugly interfaces
Won Grand Prize in 2004
New Theme / New Features / Bug Fixes / New Bugs
Preceded by:
Nearly eight years of development
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Website Statistics

Coccinella's new website has been around for nearly a week (that page shows the date when I started writing the article, one day before the announcement has been published). So, I guess it is interesting to look at some website statistics (note that all statistics in this article are from the 25th of April until the 6 of May, unless stated elsewise).

Official website launched

The Coccinella project is pleased to officially announce its brand new website which is located at and

Highlights of the new website include:

New website

Coccinella has a new website.


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