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Mac OSX 10.4.11 and 10.5.2 - Hang on Qucktime TCL at lauch.

Hey guys,

I saw an issue somewhat related to this from about 15 weeks back. I've just sat down and tried to get Coccinella working on OSX 10.4.11 and 10.5.2.

The program launches but hangs on startup "Looking for Quicktime TCL"

Is there a workaround for this behaviour or is it something that still has yet to be looked at?


This is a known issue:

The workaround is to force Coccinella to stop when that happens and thereafter restart Coccinella. The second time Coccinella will start normally. At least this is how I get it working on 10.4.11

Mats is currently working on this AFAIK.

Agreed, I can vouch for the same problem and the "work-around".


Note that the development version fixes this bug.

As for the complaint that there is no universal, why in god's name would you want such a bloat? It's the furtherist thing from streamling that you can do to an app or certainly not "value added".

I've solved issues by compiling my own intel builds rather than using universals, with other software allbeit (ie., Firefox).

I rather have the an intel binary available for my machine, and I don't think asking a user to know whether he is running Intel or PPC is too much to ask.


PS- the complaint is listed at

Most end users are stupid and we want to make Coccinella usable for them. They don't know anything about Intel or PPC. Users like you are smart enough to open the Coccinella package contents and delete either the PPC binaries or either the Intel binaries in it.