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Brazilian Portuguese Translate

Hi everyone!
Is there any project to translate the coccinella to Brazilian Portuguese?
I wanna do this, but I'll need some help.

Thanks! ;-)


I don't know anybody who is working on a Brazilian Portuguese translation. I only know about someone who was interested in translating Coccinella in "Portugal Portuguese", but he said he did not yet had time for doing this. So, maybe you just can go ahead? Note that you don't have to translate all strings at once. If you want to translate in multiple sessions, I would propose to start with the strings starting with "mSomething" as these are all strings used in menus, then I would do the short strings (first part of the file), then the strings that are a little longer (just after the menu strings section, note that some of these are exactly the same as the menu strings with the only difference that they don't contain a & sign for keyboard shortcuts), then the strings of some prominent dialogs (e.g. Add Contact dialog, assistant, etc), and finally the rest.

More instructions can be found in the Coccinella translations blogpost. Also, can you add a note saying you are working on a Brazilian Portuguese translation with your contact information so that other people who eventually want to help you, know how to contact you? Thx for the upcoming translation btw :-)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

I already started the Portuguese (Portugal) translation. I'm willing to help the Brazilian Portuguese team/translator(s) in their effort too.

I've started the work on the lang file today and am only missing lines 1031 to 1143 (yes, I skipped these earlier, because after a few hours translating I just didn't want the "long phrases" anymore :P). I will send the results to the maintainers of the application (still don't know where to) as soon as I finish, i.e. tomorrow night.

You can submit your translation using the Coccinella bugtracker as an attachment.

Done. Translation file submitted at