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Coccinella translations

This morning Mats sent the following email to translators:

Dear Coccinella translators,

This time we have reprocessed all strings occurring in the UI for language, simplicity, and consistency. The downside is that a lot has changed and needs to be updated. On the upside is that the core part of the English catalog has decreased by about 200 lines. Since several new features, like mood, user activity, user location, have been added, also strings associated with these have been added but have lower priority.

I now use scripts to automatically process catalogs and source code into template catalogs. Each missing entry in a catalog will get the English text so there is no risk that weird text keys will be displayed.

I have attached both the old catalog directory and the new one, where all catalogs have been preprocessed into a template catalog. You just use an utf-8 capable editor and replace the English text strings with your own. In many cases we have tried to have some consistency while updating the text keys, so a key "prefsomekey" has been changed to "prefsomekey2" when the English text has been updated or rewritten. Look in your old catalogs to see what you wrote for the original text since this may guide you while translating.

Our web site has detailed instructions for new catalogs but since I have processed them for you, you may skip most of it. There are a few useful tips, however.

Obviously, it might be worth to look into this tutorial if you would like to contribute a new translation. Alternatively, you also can take an existing translation catalog if that language can help you.

Unfortunately we had a deadline the 19th September and a release was therefore made without complete language catalogs. The good side is that you now can see for yourself what it will look like.

Take your time. Better to do a proper job than a bad one. I wait until I've got a reasonable number of catalogs before releasing 0.96.4. You don't need to translate the complete catalog this time. Just focus on the main parts.

Note that some language catalogs have several contributors listed. You must synchronize your efforts so no duplicated work is made. Be sure you zip up your resulting catalogs so they wont be screwed up in the mail system, unless you have cvs access.

If you would like to help existing translators, it would be a good idea to contact them first to organize work in order to prevent duplicate efforts. Also, if you want to translate Coccinella in a new language I suggest you to add a comment to this page, including your contact details and the language you started working on.

I have also attached the auto-update xml file that will be shown automatically when the new release is available. It is a bit crude so decide yourself what you want to do.


Best Wishes, Mats

PS: The releases now have even release numbers and cvs have odd numbers.

Yours truly now started with updating the Dutch translation.

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