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Your art contributions are welcome

some of Néstor's work

As you can see above, Néstor Díaz did a great job with creating nice Coccinella art. However, he has no time these days whilst the Coccinella experience still could be improved by more art contributions. So, do not hesitate to contact us or to add a comment if you are interested in contributing art!

PS: of course other contributions are welcome as well ;-)


The talk bubble with "Communicate with" is +1
Very good. Perfect. Not sure if it fits the splash screen though.

+1 for change other icons like the systray, dock and desktop icon, and dmg package.

Icons for the rest options of the application, there exists a Tango icon theme wich seems to be a nice and standarized (by freedesktop) option. More info:

Maybe a Tango theme for coccinella?

The systray icon will require some more work. Both Néstor's as well as the current icon are not very suitable for this use. The current icon has a problem when you use it on a black background whilst Néstor's design isn't suitable for small sizes (the best thing you can get is something like the favicon on this website, but I'm not so fond of this myself).

The Oxygen Icons are also very cute.

So, +1 for an artist who can fill the gaps B-)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.