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Hi everyone

Just wondering, I work for a company and we are currantly using Novell Messenger for our IM and we are coming away from Novell, and would like to use a LAN messenger service. Is this software something we can use on the lan or is it just for using instead of MSN etc??




Yes, you can use Coccinella in your LAN. Coccinella is using Jabber/XMPP as protocol and thus it is compatible with plenty other software. For using Coccinella in your LAN only, you should set up a Jabber server in your LAN (not difficult). The new website has a dedicated section regarding organizations. You also can find links to server software projects; there are free and open-source ones (with and without commercial support), as well as closed source commercial servers.

PS: you also may be interested to know that it is relatively easy to brand Coccinella for your company. Examples:

  • Changing icon theme
  • Hardcoding server settings
  • Disabling features
  • Different default settings
  • Different theme
  • Different graphics
  • Different client name

Hi Sander, i have been using coccinella for some time in my organization.

Where i could find information about:

Hard coding server settings and Default settings. To redistribute coccinella to all partners workers.

Thank you.

There is a mechanism for this but the code is the only documentation, almost at least. If you look at the sources in the coccinella/resources dir you'll find README-config and configExamples.tcl which have some info. For your convenience I copy the README here:


There are several layers of customization.
At the top there are the user prefs saved to the preference file.
And then there are resources stored in the resource database.
See README-resources. These are mainly for setting things associated with
the widgets, fonts and such.

At the bottom there are hardcoded options stored in the global 'config'
array. These defaults are set within in each package that uses them.
They can be overriden by any resources/config.tcl file. Normally there
is no such file, but it can be put there at build time. This allows for
custom builds that change "lower-level" details of how the application
works and looks.

It is also possible for a user to put such a file in the preference folder as:
which will override any hardcoded or build configs.

The resources/configExample.tcl is an example config file that shows
some of the possible customization.

and configExamples.tcl
# This is an example of how to hardcode some configurations at build time
# by including a 'config.tcl' file in resources/

array set config {
login,style "username"
login,more 1
login,profiles 0
login,autosave 1
login,autoregister 0
autoupdate,do 1
autoupdate,url ""
profiles,do 1
profiles,profiles {evaal {localhost "" ""}}
profiles,selected evaal
profiles,prefspanel 0
registerex,server ""
registerex,autoget 0
setupass,page,server 1
ui,pruneMenus {mInfo {mDebug mCoccinellaHome} mJabber {mNewAccount...}}

I remember this file to contain most (all?) available config options from cvs (it's updated regularly):

Many Thanks Sander. I´ll check the information.