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Whiteboard improvement

i think it would be cool to have latex support in the whiteboard, to write formulas.

greets jupp


You already can draw the formulas...can you explain what the advantages of LaTeX support are?

Well, there's a huge difference between drawing formulas by hand and simply typing them with the keyboard. Almost none of us owns a graphic tablet (and results often suck in this case as well) and i bet it's quite impossible to write something like a readable equation without filling the whole whiteboard...
Who needs to use Coccinella to share formulas doesn't need to talk about y=2x but often deals with systems of partial differential equations with a LOT of greek letters, matrices, tables or something like that. The only chance for them till now is the use of Coccinella & LaTeXiT! at the same time, but this "solution" is not a solution at all. Formulas are posted as gif images and are not editable as a whiteboard should permit...
Integrated LaTeX support would really be a great advance!

LaTeX is too difficult for the intended audience. Maybe there's another solution?