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How to install Concc1nella

i am new to the conccinella. i am using the following command and it give me the message. had installed the Tcl8.5.

[~/public_html/Coccinella]# sh
sh-3.00$ ./Coccinella-0.96.8.bin
We need Tk 8.4 or later here. Run Wish!
while executing
"source /home/caprorg/public_html/Coccinella/Coccinella-0.96.8.bin/lib/app-Coccinella/Coccinella.tcl"
("package ifneeded app-Coccinella 1.0" script)
invoked from within
"package require app-Coccinella"
(file "/home/caprorg/public_html/Coccinella/Coccinella-0.96.8.bin/main.tcl" line 3)
sh-3.00$ clear
sh-3.00$ clear

Any Help Appriciated Thanks in Advance


What platform? What version did you downloaded, the source distribution or the binary? (note: the binary includes all you need; you don't need to install Tcl/Tk as it is included in the binary version)

I m using linux and downloaded the Coccinella-0.96.8Linux-x86.tar.gz which includes a bin file. actually i m installing this through SSH(SSH Secure Shell) client on one of my client's server. but i keep on getting the above said error. I like to mention here that i do not have the root access but have the rights to install the package.

Deepak Oberoi

Why do you want to install Coccinella on a server? Are you aware that Coccinella is no XMPP server but an XMPP client? Coccinella needs a graphical user interface (on Linux that is