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Where to get the old Contacts Icon set Crystal

Hi. In Cocicinella 0.96.10 Oxygen replaced all the old Contacts and Program Iconset, how could i import the old Crystal Icons and how i could keep both Themes, new and older?. Thank you.


Download the file from

You can import the emoticons using Coccinella. You can put the Crystal directory in your local themes directory as described in the linked blog post in the release announcement.

Thanks Sander. I could easily put emoticons in coccinella just copying the .jisp files to the /emoticons directory...

I didn´t have the same luck with Crystal theme, I put the Crystal directory in the /Themes directory, and i can see the Crystal enable options in the "Contact Icons" menu from Preferences, but i can´t see any icon... I also see Crystal Theme twice in the Appearance menu, did i miss something?

Here you can find the location of the themes directory on different platforms: After extracting the Crystal directory in here you should go to Preferences-->Appearance and select Crystal instal of Oxygen. Then hit Save and the Crystal theme will become active immediately. In case you have multiple Crystal listings I guess it means you have multiple Crystal directories in your themes directory.

Yes, that`s what i did before sander, i copy the Crystal Theme inside the CoccinellaPrefs (i use Portable Coccinella and i have checked the Save Preferences in same folder" Option), but i still can´t see the Crystal icons.

I have only one Crystal directory in my Theme Directory, but in the Appearance menú Crystal Option is shown twice...

Renaming the directory name from "Crystal" to "Crystal2" is a workaround for this issue.