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Yearly Overview #1

Visits for all visitors (Coccinella website)

Almost one year ago, the new Coccinella website was launched (1). Since then you were provided with nearly 6 Coccinella releases: 0.96.0, 0.96.2, 0.96.4,, and 0.96.6 (2) of which 2 were synchronised releases. It was a productive year.

The website itself was also a success with increasing numbers of people discovering Coccinella and XMPP. However, not everything went as fluently. In the summer of 2007 you could not access the website during nearly a whole week (3) due to major troubles with our former hosting provider (VistaPages). Read more in our VistaPages Review (summary: VistaPages sucks).

Speaking of reviews Coccinella also was reviewed by a popular Czech website (4), (5), and others. Luckily, and obviously, we came much better out of these reviews than VistaPages came out of ours.

PS: A new Coccinella release is in the pipelines. So it's time for you to download the daily breakfast build and start bug hunting!