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Jabber is Confusing

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Credit: nutmeg66, License: by-nc-nd

'Jabber' is confusing, not only for Aunt Tilly, but even for geeks:

Cisco announced today that it has acquired Jabber, an open-source IM and presence protocol used by Google Talk and Gizmo, for an undisclosed sum.

Cisco didn’t get ‘’ the open-source server on the XMPP protocol,[..].

Jabber is an application that we use throughout our office and is one helluva an IM.

Any news on keeping Jabber Open source?

Translate Coccinella 0.96.10

Do you want to translate the upcoming Coccinella 0.96.10, planned for September 24th? Do you want to update any of the existing translations? Or do you just want to see which languages are ranking best? Then read on.

Tcl/Tk - Recent Advances

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Credit: freebird4, License: by-nc

There has been a lot of news in the Tcl/Tk community the last month or so, and I thought it's time to compile them here since Coccinella is written in Tcl. Tcl's windowing toolkit, Tk, has been "known" to be ugly and outdated. With the 8.5 release last December the tile package, now named ttk (Themed Tk), is included in the core which brings true native widgets on Windows (yes, Vista too) and Mac. Since Mac is my native platform, I can tell you that Tk beats both Qt and gtk, but perhaps I haven't seen the latest of them.

Design Great Software with Coccinella

Ok, I admit this must be one of the laziest blog articles I ever wrote. It only consists of 5 parts:

SVG Graphics

Just released is my tkpath package version 0.3.0 which for the first time brings a new canvas widget to Tcl/Tk which conforms to a more "modern" 2D drawing model found in SVG.


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